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“Celebrating 26 Years of Success”


Dear Friends,

You may be aware...We had together woven a dream in the year 1984. We dreamt that the best in Hindi literature will be made available to children. July 1985 saw the first issue of Chakmak ... this was a small step towards the beginning of the fulfillment of this dream.

Today that dream named Chakmak has completed 26 years of its life. The August 2011 issue was its 299th issue. Over these 26 years, Chakmak has seen the involvement of the quills and brushes of over 10,000 writers and artists. Given this and the warmth that we shore with our readers, it is still seen as a "different" children's magazine.

The 300th issue of Chakmak will be a special issue - a result of the togetherness of our readers, friends, contributors and well-wishers. A sample of the 26 years of sharing and dreaming - it will be an issue with more than 200 pages. And of course, it will be special because we have continued to dream with our young readers, and also share with them the rough paths that lead towards those dreams. We have involved them in all platforms to ours and their full responsibility. These are things that have always given us strength. Without these, can a magazine surviving without much financial support (and that too a children's magazine!) even hope to publish a beautiful 200 page special issue?

This issue will be released on 22nd October at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal by poet Gulzar in the presence of our beloved poets, writers, artists, readers and friends. We will send you a separate notice/invitation for this programme. We also plan to organize various programmes like debates, discussion forums, workshops... on children's literature throughout the coming year. With your help we will ensure that these programmes are not hindered due to financial limitations.

We will need support from you to make the 300th issue and its related programmes a reality. Whatever help you can provide will make these efforts stronger. Do take a look at details given overleaf to get an idea of the various ways in which you can help.We also look forward to your suggestions on the 300th issue and the related programmes.

Schedue of The Event Will be :

21 OCT 2011:
Public Lecture : Role of Children's Literature in Education
By: (Prof. Krishna Kumar)

22 OCT 2011
Post Lunch Session : Seminar on Children's Literature
Speakers: Gulzar, Udayan Bajpai, Anushka Ravishankar, Raja Mohanty and Ashok Bhoumik

Evening Session : Introduction of Chakmak - a brief presentation
Release of 300th Chakmak
Poetry Reading by Gulzar
Charandas Chor (Naya theatre group)

23 OCT 2011
1) Bal Mela with different activity corners like:
o Drawing and writing
o Ceramics
o Children's film show
o Kabad se Jugaad

2) A tour of the various galleries in Bharat Bhawan for the participating children.

3) Presentation on Rabindranath Tagore's Paintings by Ashok Bhoumik.

4)Poetry and Story Reading by :-
Gulzar, Rajesh Joshi, Vinod Kumar Shukl, Naresh Saxena, Swayam Prakash, Manzoor Ehtesham, Gyan Chaturvedi, Rinchin and Asgar Wajahat