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Faculty Profile

The course is designed and conducted by senior faculty of Eklavya and Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi. Practicing psychologists and subject experts are part of the visiting faculty of the course. Profile of the core faculty is as follows:

Amit Kohli is a self taught educator. After working in the editorial team of educational publishing in Eklavya, he has been working in the area of Teacher Education and DIET strengthening since the last four years.

Anu Gupta has worked with adolescents on health and education issues for over 20 years. She has also worked with a number of state government agencies towards developing Teacher Education courses and materials. She is the author of the book Beti Kare Sawal.

Dr. Nidhi Gulati teaches in the Department of Elementary Education at Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi. She has been active in various initiatives in the area of education and social development since the last two decades. Her research interests are study of childhood, popular culture, and teacher education.

Rashmi Paliwal has been part of Eklavya for over three decades and has worked with a number of state government agencies and the NCERT in the domain of social science curriculum and material development. Currently, she is engaged with a community based learning initiative in Chhindwara district and focuses on understanding what impacts learning in primary school children.

Tultul Biswas worked with Eklavya's publishing unit as its Editorial Coordinator for over two decades - conceptualizing, developing and publishing children's books as well as educational literature. Involved in the development of Teacher Education courses and materials, she now coordinates Eklavya's Teacher Education, Outreach and Advocacy program area.


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