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Short Notice Inviting Tenders for The Furnishing and Interior Works to be carried out at Eklavya Foundation, Jamnalal Bajaj Parisar, Jatkhedi, Bhopal

BHOPAL 462026


  1. Sealed labour rate tenders are on behalf of EKLAVYA FOUNDATION, for the FURNISHING AND INTERIOR WORKS to be carried out at EKLAVYA CAMPUS, JAMNALAL BAJAJ PARISAR, JATKHEDI, BHOPAL upto 15.00 Hrs. on 4th April 2019 

  2. The work is to be completed within SEVEN WEEKS from the date of issue of the work order.

  3. The tender document shall be available from 29 March 2019 onwards at the EKLAVYA FOUNDATION, Jamnalal Bajaj Parisar, Jatkhedi, Bhopal 462 026

  4. The tender documents including the set of drawings must be returned to Eklavya Foundation Office on or before the last date of submission even if the contractor does not wish to quote for the project. If the tender documents are not submitted along with the drawings & other documents collected from the Architect at the time of submission the tender shall be rejected on the technical ground and shall be not opened during the process of tender opening.

  5. At the time of submitting tender, the tenderer will have to deposit with Eklavya Earnest Money Deposit of 2% (two percent) of tender value by way of DEMAND DRAFT in favor of Eklavya Foundation, payable at Bhopal

  6. This Earnest Money Deposit will not bear any interest. The earnest money deposit will be forfeited in the event of any evasion, refusal or delay on the part of the tenderer to sign and execute the contract on acceptance of his tender. The earnest money deposit, without any interest, will be returned to the tenderer if their tender is not accepted on expiry of the validity at request submitted to the Eklavya Foundation.

  7. Security Deposit (Retention Money) of 8% (eight percent) shall be deducted from every running account bill. On acceptance of the tender and signing of agreement the Earnest Money will become part of this 8% Security Deposit. The Security Deposit shall not bear any interest. 

  8. The tender shall be submitted as per instructions with the name of work superscribed on the envelope written prominently. The full name and postal address of the tenderer shall be written on the bottom left hand corner of each sealed cover. The sealed tender shall be submitted at the EKLAVYA FOUNDATION, Jamnalal Bajaj Parisar, Jatkhedi, Bhopal 462 026 

  9. Acceptance of the tender will rest with the Eklavya Foundation which reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders in part or full. Tenders not fulfilling any of prescribed conditions would be liable to the rejected.

  10. All the rates mentioned in the tender are inclusive of all statutory taxes and levies except GST which will be paid separately as applicable.


Manoj Nigam
Executive Officer
Eklavya Foundation

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