About Eklavya
Eklavya is a not-for-profit Organization. It is engaged and education innovation in curriculum, pedagogy, education literature, children literature, and field implementation of education projects inside schools and out-of-school settings in various states of the country. 

About the Project:-
The current project is to develop an LMS and CMS along with its other components to deliver education content in digital format to children in various socio-economic settings. This project is being developed and handled by “Teysu learning technologies”. Teysu has already been implementing these technologies in some geographical areas of the country. 

Now in the second phase we like to further develop the digital platform to make it more robust with new features for deployment of the content, assessment and analysis using ML.

About the Internship:-

Currently the project uses a set of technologies that includes - WordPress based LMS and open source interactive tools. 

One part of the internship would be to maintain the current platform till we deploy the new platform which is under development. 

The second part of the internship will involve participation in the development of the New custom learning Management portal. 

In both the above jobs the candidate will get to learn WordPress and its architecture, an opportunity to learn about XAPI standards used in learning technologies. As in the custom development of the learning management system you will get to learn about a new php based framework named LARAVEL & Integration of interactive tools in it. 


  1. Students Pursuing their Bachelors of Engineering In Computer Science currently in 3rd and Final year.
  2. Students who might have dropped out in 3rd year can also apply.
  3. Final year students can take this internship as their final year industrial project and the certification needed for claiming this as the final year project submission would be provided and in such case strict examination will be done before giving any such certificate to the student. Students need to notify this during their interview.
  4. Other branch engineering students can also apply if they are interested in computer science, such students will have to show their earlier work done into programming which justifies their interest into computer science.

Skills Required:-

  1. Understanding of html, css, javascript, php is must.
  2. Prior knowledge of WordPress development and Laravel will be an added advantage.
  3. Understanding of version control systems like git and a basic understanding of distributed development approach.
  4. Understanding of frontend java script  frameworks like VUEjs, Reactjs etc. will be an added advantage.
  5. Understanding of RDMS and File system database systems Mysql and MongoDB will be an added advantage. 

Time Commitments:- 

  1. Applicants should make sure that he can commit 3hrs daily on weekdays and 6hrs on weekends.
  2. Applicants should make sure he will have to be available for half an hour for daily standup meetings, initially this would be for half hours and later can be cut down to 15mins once project development stabilizes.
  3. Weekly meetings will be held every weekend(Sunday) and for Technical grooming and sprint planning and each and every selected candidate will have to attend this meeting.

(Note:- Time commitments need to be strictly followed and hence serious applicants only apply. Failure to do so would result in failure of internship and no certificate will be provided in any case.)

Internship Duration:-  6-12 months

The project work does not offer any pay packet as of now.

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