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Science kit
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Science kit
Hands on Science Kit (with English workbooks)
Contains approximately 150 items and 3 Bal Vaigyanik Workbooks
Cost includes 18% GST plus forwarding charges
Big Book
So Ja Ulloo (Big Book) New item icon 280
Poems for children (English)
Flying Man 40
Three Little monkeys 42
Rangy - The Mangy Dog 45
Story books (English)
Lynette's Journey (Out of Stock)
Mridu In Madras 160
A Week along the Ganga 115
Hina in Purani Dilli 165
Ranjan's Tale 70
Clean Bowled 90
Picture story books
O harial ped / O Flowering Tree (Bilingual E/H) 40
Pehla Ghar / The First House 35
Mann Ke Laddu / Day-Dream 40
Beej Boya / Sowing a Seed 50
CLI-Set Of 18 Books
Main Patang Udata Hun/I Fly a Kite, Munni Deewar par Chad Gai/ Munni Climbed up the Wall, Bade Log/Big Folk, Chhota/Small, Darwaza Kholna/Opening the Door, Kele ka Thela/The Banana Cart, Baba Mujhey/Baba I, Tez Bhagna/Going Fast, Bus/Bus, Munna/Munna, Sabun/Soap, Amma ki Sari/Amma's Sari, Policewala/Police Man, Paper/Newspaper, Jhoole par/On the Giant Wheel, Train/Train, Gend Daal/Bowl, Rotiya/Rotis
Aao Pade/Let's Read - Set of 11 Books 240
Balti ke andar samandar 70
Naya Sweater/The New Sweater 50
Chhadi/The Walking Stick 60
Karo Koeli 50
Chhutki aur Cheero 35
Pyari Madam 55
Basti Me Chor/Theif in the Basti Bilingual E/H)  New item icon 50
Rakhi Ke Laddu/Laddu for Rakhi (Bilingual E/H) New item icon 50
Picture stories in English
The boat 30
The mouse and the pencil 32
Rusi and Pussy 35
Me too... 35
I made a line 75
The Three Kittens 50
The Laughing Onion 60
Little Bagha 60
How Pranav Went to School 40
I am a Cat ! 60
Who Will Teach Emperor Akbar? 50
How Do We Weigh Appukuttan? 55
Pranav's First Day at School 40
What a Song 120
Oo & Too 42
Cows 40
Rain 45
The River at Night 65
The Sea In A Bucket 90
The Cycle's Dream 90
Three Friends 70
My School 85
Niloufer's Smile 55
Cricket Who Chould Not Sing 55
The Shadow of Darkness 67
My Day With The Clouds (Out of Stock)
BUMBOO..The Donkey Who Would Not Budge 90
Soon Very Soon 105
The Girl The Boy and The Kite 65
The Blue People 110
Friend 80
The Little Red Hen 40
Kimiya 65
Aalai Goes Flying 80
Tales of her Ponytail 70
Po Tricks His Foe 75
Picnic at Palashpur 85
Payal is Lost 75
Chhutki and Cheero New item icon 45
The Boy in the Dark Hole New item icon 110
Phulkaari gose Brinjaling New item icon 70
CutPiece Kumar (English)  New item icon 95
Tataki Wins Again and Braveheart Badeyya New item icon 160
The Sackclothman New item icon 160
Untold School Stories New item icon 200
When I came Home, The Horse was Gone New item icon 135
Archimedes and The Slice of Bread New item icon 399
Mattie Sit Down ! Sit Down Mattie New item icon 100
Frog New item icon 170
A House To Let New item icon 110
The Happy Tortoise New item icon 95
The Red Sweater New item icon 110
Activity Books
Kabad se jugad / Little science (Bilingual E/H) 57
Khilono ka basta / Toy Bag (Bilingual E/H) 57
Khilono ka khazana / Toy treasure (Bilingual E/H) 50
Chalo chitra banain / Let's draw (Bilingual E/H) 35
Aha! Activities 215
Activity Charts
Internal organs of female & male body 18
Apni haddi pahchano (Kankal Chart) 10
Ghumakkad - 1 (Hara) 10
Ghumakkad - 2 (Neela) 10
Bharat jodo 20
Apna chidiaghar 1 (Doodhraj & Lapwing) 6
Apna chidiaghar 2 (Parrot & Hoopoe) 15
Bharat ki aahar chakti (Out of Stock)
Poetry Posters (English)
Set of 5 Posters
(Two kites, Clouds, Five big laddoos, Papa's rotis, I see...)
Color Posters (English)
A Set of 3 Reading Posters 75
Books related to social and developmental issues
Human Body System 155
Science in History (Set of 4 Books)
Volume 1 - The Emergence of Science
Volume 2 - The Scientific and Industrial Revolutions
Volume 3 - The Natural Sciences in Our Time
Volume 4 - The Social Sciences: Conclusion
While the men went hunting, what did the women do ? 30
While the women went hunting, what did the men do ? 40
My body My life New item icon 115
A Germ Of An Idea Microbes, Us And The Microbes Within Us New item icon 95
Our Wiggly friends, Earthworms New item icon 120
Educational books for teachers and parents
Children's Perception of Sarkar (Alex M. George) 75
The Under achieving School (John Holt) 100
Escape from childhood (John Holt) 210
Democratic Schools (Michael W. Apple & J.A. Beane) 110
Summerhill (English Edition) (A.S. Neill) 215
Learning Through Art 260
A Story of Political Ideas for Young Readers (Vol-1) 110
What is the Core of Economics 35
Motion And Force 135
Notes of Running Feet - English in Primary Textbooks 150
Heat & Temperature 130
The Picture Speak 350
In Our Own Words 380
Never A Dull Moment 300
The Story of Atomic Theory of Matter 135
Games And Activities- Teachers Guide 105
Games And Activities- Worksheets 90
The Gentle Man Who Taught Infinity 160
Learning -The heart way 110
Education and Modernity: Some Sociological Perspectives New item icon 130
RTE and the Resource Requirements New item icon 200
Multilingual Education in India (Book 1) New item icon 300
Children's Literature (Book 2) New item icon 250
Children's Writing (Book 3) New item icon 250
Teaching and Learning the Script (Book 4) New item icon 350
Reading Comprehension (Book 5) New item icon 400
Early Language and Literacy : Introduction and Overview (Booklet 1) New item icon 200
Supporting Comprehension (Booklet 2) New item icon 200
Supporting Script Acquisition and Fluency (Booklet 3) New item icon 150
Supporting Multilingualism (Booklet 4) New item icon 150
Supporting Writing (Booklet 5) New item icon 150
Using Children's Literature in the Classroom - Part I (Booklet 6) New item icon 200
Using Children's Literature in the Classroom - Part II (Booklet 7) New item icon 200
Nature Society Series (Maharashtra Map) New item icon 80
Indian Languages and the Constitution New item icon 80
Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme
Bal Vaigyanik for Class 6 (English) 160
Bal Vaigyanik for Class 7 (English) 195
Bal Vaigyanik for Class 8 (English) 205
Social Science Programme
Social Science Class 6th (English) 250
Social Studies Class 6th, 7th & 8th in CD (English) 100
History - The Mughal Period 75
Economics - Banks and Taxes (Out of stock)
How Hot How Cold - Geography : Temperature Patterns - a Social Science module 50
Fundamental Rights & Duties in Our Constitution 38
SPROUT: A Social geography of Rajasthan (Out of Stock)
History: British Dominance and Indian Independence 100
Books on Eklavya Programmes (by other Publishers)
Social Science Learning in Schools (Perspective and Challenges) with CD, published by SAGE Publications 425
Prashika - Eklavya's Innovative Experiment in Primary Education, published by Ratna Sagar P. Ltd. (Out of Stock)

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