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Social Science Class 8

Cover Page


The Mughal Period

  1. Akbar the Mughal Emperor [PDF size 1.0 MB]
  2. The Amirs of the Mughal Empire [PDF size 2.3 MB]
  3. Village Life in Mughal Times [PDF size 651 KB]
  4. The Times of Emperor Aurangzeb [PDF size 1.2 MB]
  5. Foreign Trade in Mughal Times [PDF size 926 KB]

The English Rule India

  1. The English Establish their Rule over India [PDF size 1.7 MB]
  2. New Ideas and Attempts at Social Reform in the British Period [PDF size 623 KB]
  3. British Rule and The Peasants of India [PDF size 2.9 MB]
  4. Forests and Adivasis under British Rule [PDF size 2.1 MB]
  5. The Middle Class during British Rule [PDF size 1.1 MB]
  6. Industry and Labour under British Rule [PDF size 1.7 MB]
  7. The National Movement for Independence from Britain [PDF size 2.9 MB]


Title Page

  1. Banks [PDF size 4.7 MB]
  2. Taxes [PDF size 4 MB]
  3. Constitution I [PDF size 314 KB]
  4. Constitution II [PDF size 215 KB]
  5. The Central Goverment [PDF size 321 KB]


Title Page

  1. How Hot How Cold [PDF size 500 KB]
  2. Geography of India [PDF size 28 KB]
  3. The Himalayas [PDF size 458 KB]
  4. Plateau [PDF size 2 MB]
  5. Nothern plain [PDF size 1.3 MB]
  6. Costal Plains and Island [PDF size 1 MB]
  7. Thar Desert [PDF size 262 KB]

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