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What we do

Jashn-e-Taleem : towards educational change

We believe that the education system needs innovations that respond to the needs of children and redefine the role of teachers.

Eklavya’s core concern on education has been in bringing holistic change in the public education system. A review of our past successes and failures and leanings thereof, as well as a scan of the external environment scenario and the challenges it poses brings us to recognize three main thrust areas for re-strategizing and continuing the work of educational change at the elementary level. These are:

a)   The society of parents/adults, especially tribal societies
b)   The teaching community, and
c)   Educational materials.

We propose to engage with the public education system through a network of activities woven around these three in a selected geography.

The long-term objectives of this effort can be stated as:

  • Working in the area of society and education and how it impacts the school system to develop replicable models.
  • Enabling and strengthening the teaching community and teacher-education processes through a multi-pronged strategy.
  • Developing reading habits that enhance educational discourse and practice.
  • Initiating national and local consultations on the issues of education for tribal children to develop a document for policy impact.
  • Building networks and taking up campaigns and advocacy initiatives around education to build a dialogue with society, in general, and elected representatives, in particular.

Outline of proposed activities:

-    Setting up of multi-dimensional Education Resource Centers for teachers & community.
-    Build systems of out of school community based support centers for children.
-    Develop & implement short term courses for teachers & teacher educators.
-    Work with DIETs & Teacher Education Institutes.
-    Research, documentation & work related to early reading, reading comprehension & reading in different domains.
-    Research, documentation & work related to issues of the education of tribals.

Hence, the initiative will enhance the teaching-learning processes at all levels and engage with and strengthen the community through a sustained process of critical dialogue, collaborative learning and action.

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