The aim of the procurement policy for the goods, fixed assets and services is to ensure purchase orders are handled by a Purchase committee consisting of individuals having skills in evaluating what purchases are required from suppliers offering the best deals, to ensure purchases made do not exceed the budget provided and to ensure purchased goods, fixed assets and services confirm with the quantity and price specified in the order and are best for the organization.


The Purchase committee shall consist atleast 3 members. The structure of the committee shall be as follows:-

Committee Chair

Center in Charge of the Center


Executive Officer or Nominee


Accounts officer



The Society shall follow certain methods in purchasing goods, equipment and services required for the needs of the Society or its projects. Obtaining quotation (oral or written) from minimum 3 leading vendors shall be a priority practice.

For the purpose of acquisition of Goods, fixed assets and services, any number of quotations can be asked (Minimum three Quotations) from the leading vendors and suppliers depending upon the nature, size and amount involved in it. In some of the cases quotations may not be asked, where it is not reasonable to do so as the system of taking rates on telephone is sufficient and appropriate and the same will depend on the nature, size and amount involved in it.

Quotations or rates can also be taken from online suppliers, wherein screenshots/pdfs of the rates on that specific date would be mandatory.

The first criterion in choosing a supplier shall be the lowest price. However, if a supplier does not provide the required level of service or an adequate guarantee, then other criteria shall also be considered. The Committee shall specify the reasons about why, lowest bid was not chosen. A separate file shall be maintained for this purpose at each centre. This documentation will also be available at the Bhopal admin office.


For the limited purpose of this policy, Goods shall include Furniture, Equipments and other capital items. And also bulk paper purchase and printing services. This policy shall not apply for programme consumables and reference materials.


For Procurement of Paper & Printing Services- Rate Contract shall be arranged with the leading suppliers and vendors for the specified period of time. Rate contract can be different for each party depending on the quality of service/printing and amount of supervision required to get that quality, or any other important factor indicated by the project/programme coordinator.


For other Goods and Capital Items-

  • Committee shall conduct a market survey to list out at least 3 to 5 possible vendors/suppliers form which quotation can be asked for.
  • For purchases under Rs 10,000/- (For a Single Item), a price survey by telephone of three leading suppliers will be sufficient for determining the supplier.
  • For purchases above Rs 10,000/- (For a Single item), a quotation/proforma-invoice shall be obtained from three leading Suppliers. (including online stores).
  • Purchases from a sole source shall be explained in the purchase file.
  • All the quotation received must be cross-checked by the person who was not involved in the market data/quotation collection activity.
  • After taking rates from the suppliers/vendors a comparative chart shall be prepared with the final recommendation and the same shall be approved and signed by all members of the Procurement Committee, before placing final order.
  • All the procedures followed for the above mentioned system shall be documented in the Purchase file maintained for the said purpose.



According to the Size of the organization and quantum of acquisition of goods, fixed assets and services during each year, it is not reasonable and appropriate to adopt formal tendering procedure such as Ads in news paper, pre-bid meetings, collection of bid, management of EMDs, analysis of bids and award of bids etc. Therefore only bidding/quotation system as mentioned above shall be followed in all such cases.


Employees making requisition of purchases as part of the project activity or Society work shall follow these mechanisms.

The project incharge, programme coordinator or any other relevant staff member will make the request for capital item purchase to Centre in Charge who will check against the sanctioned budget and get an approval from Executive Officer to proceed with the procurement.


A purchase file shall be maintained by the committee to record and document all the bidding/acquisition process followed by it. The purchase file shall contain all the documents pertaining to each transaction, i.e. quotations, contact information of suppliers, purchase contracts or orders, invoices and any other pertinent documents.


Any alteration, modification, deletion, addition in the procurement policy shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Council or any other competent authority.

Eklavya, March 2013