Time-Line (1982-2011)

Year School Education Initiatives Resource Agency Publications Other Projects & Organisational
1982 Registered, Took charge of HSTP running in 250 schools.   Took charge of Hoshangabad Vigyan, a teacher's magazine.  
1983 Mobilised resource group & an in house team for the primary school and social science programmes.   Publication of popular booklets on science, history etc. begins- 2 titles. Science popularisation prog. initiated through Balmelas, quizzes, local libraries etc.
1984 Seeded HSTP in school complexes of three new districts in Malwa region.      
1985 Seeded HSTP in school complexes of three more districts.   Chakmak launched.
3 new titles published.
Campaign on the Bhopal gas tragedy. Spreading awareness regarding science society issues.

Setup the toy production workshop.
1986 Seeded HSTP in school complexes of seven new districts.

Trialling of the Social science Programme begins in nine schools.
  1 new title published.  
1987 Trialling of the Primary Education Programme begins in seven schools.   Lauching of srote, a science feature service.
1 new title publication
Jointly organised Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha with AIPSN
1990     5 new titles published during three years, 1988 to 1990 An environment testing prog. Started. It led to formation of Neer, a youth orgn.

Set up the metal training workshop
1991 Project undertaken for developing a source book for teachers in ancient Indian history.

MHRD sets up a committee to study HSTP.
  1 new title. Survey of rural artisans in Hoshangabad district.
1992 Survey of geography concepts in children. Beginning of interation with and resource support to Lok Jumbish Parishad, Rajasthan. 1 new title. Documentation of Kabir songs of Malwa region.

Chakmak Club Concept formulated for Sustaining chidren's activies in the community.

Programme with leather artisans launched.
1993 Workshop for translation of Eklavya materials into other regional languages with Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti. Initiatives to start a curricullar programmes based on HSTP, starts at Gandhi Vidyapeeth, Vedchhi, Gujarat. Lok Bharati, Sanosara, Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Vikram Sarabhai community science centre and Gujarat Science Academy also join in the effort. 1 new title. Collaboration in the Total Literacy Programme of Dewas district.
1994 Detailed Proposal for the Hoshangabad Science taeching Programme formulated with the state education department.

Collaboration in the curriculum fromulation process at the state level for primary schools.
  Launched a teacher's journal- Sandarbh for the school teachers of the Hindi belt.

2 new titles.
Launched the project for developing an alternatives atlas for beginners.

Joy of learning Campaign with BGVS.
1995 Trialling of the Primary Education Programme in 125 schools of a block.

Development of a content enrichment training programme for the resource teachers of the science programme.
  4 new titles. Launched a project for the development of fisheries.

The low-cost construction project started. Watershed development programme begins

Growth of Chakmak clubs.
1996 Primary education Programme: Amalgamation of the trialled material into the new teaching learning package for the state of M.P. begins.

Evaluation and documentation of the social Science Programme undertaken.
Lok Jumbish invities Eklavya to develop science and social science packages at the middle school level for Rajasthan.

Resource support to DPEP in various states begins.
3 new titles.

Participated in the world book fair held in Delhi.

Development of the project for preparing resource material in science in Hindi.
Adolescent health & nutrition programme developed.

Bal Samooh programme partially based on Chakmak club model initiated in Hoshangabad dist.

Training Programme for members of the Panchayats developed
1997 Baseline study of primary school children commenced. Preparations for launching Science and Social Science Programme in Rajasthan. 6 new titles.

Launched marketing strategy based on book fairs.
Centre for planning and development with Eklavya Institute set up.
1998 Support to SCERT begins on making new textbooks in Social Science for the state Madhya Pradesh Science & Social Science programme launched in 54 schools of Ajmer district in Rajasthan. 10 new titles.

Full time team for non- magazine publication formed.
Corpus Fund set up and intensive drive taken up.

Project for community participation in planning & development started.
1999 Third round of revision of Bal Vaigyanik workbooks commences

Study of children's understanding of political systems started.
    First Shiksha Protsahan Kendra set up in Shahpur.
2000 IIMA study to evaluate impact of Prashika and other packages being used in the state.   Setting up of Pitara Bhopal  
2001 Primary School programme closed down by the state government.

Teacher development initiatives in Social Science taken up.
Chhatisgarh govt holds a consultation to develop perspective and materials in the new formed state. Invites Eklavya to assist in this task.   Engagement with private schools and teachers starts in Indore.

Bhopal Educational Resource Centre initiated.
2002 Itarsi MLA raises questions in the district planning committee, resulting in prolonged debate within the Hoshangbad dist and all over India. HSTP and Social Science progs closed down by the State. Assam govt takes up a prog of quality improvement in education and invites Eklavya for sciences and social sciences Started taking out Expenditure on Printing and paper for books out of Sales Voluntary academic inputs for teachers and schools programme started in the same field area as school programmes.
2003 HSTP study undertaken by Vidya Bhawan Society Development of class-4 & 5 social science and science books for Secmol, Ladakh. Kyon aur kaise, a science wall paper in Hindi and English launched.

200th issue of Chakmak published, alongwith public events.
Basic abilities programme initiated in Hbad and Babai
2004 Whole School Transformation project taken up in Bhopal.

Concept of modular material on social sciences developed.
Textbook development in sciences and social sciences taken up in Chhatisgarh.   Organisational Development process begins

Centre for Planning & dev. turns into a separate organisation, Samavesh.
2005     Upsclaed development of new titles to 10 per year.
Set up first set of collaborative Pitaras.
Eklavya participates in MP dist level SSA book fairs.
Vision-Mission exercise completed and a draft document prepared.

Hoshangabad office cum training centre campus comes up.
2006   Eklavya collaborates in a distance programme for MA (Edu) by TISS, along with seven other organisations. Eklavya website set up.
Organised Childrens' illustration seminar to bring together artists, publishers, authors etc
2007 Material development in high school science initiated after series of consultations.

Sustained engagement with pvt schools starts in Bhopal.

Shiksha Protsahan Kendra programme expanded to six blocks over five districs.

Work on middle school maths started.
Chhatisgarh Educational Resource Centre, under Eklavya Foundation set up in Raipur. A collaborative effort of Vidya Bhawan, Eklavya and Digantar. Reorganised publications programme into focused segments. Set up Design and Production as a separate team

Proactive collaboration with other groups towards development of new titles - Sampark, Zubaan etc

First publications advisory set up

Chakmak (in colour) relaunched after content & Design review - Designed by Atanu Roy, now Dileep Chinchalkar

First big book in Hindi published.
Reorganisation of programmes undertaken. Also restructuring of decision taking bodies.

Academic and Executive Councils constituted to separate academic and admin roles.

Another tier of Programme Committees instituted to decentralise decision making further.

Rules and regualations revised and submitted to Registrar of Societies.
2008 Academic documentation of HSTP by Sushil Joshi completed and published by Eklavya.

MOU signed with Rajya Shiksha Kendra (RSK), MP for providing academic inputs in 3 blocks.
Study of NCF and development of Bihar Curriculum Framework undertaken along with SCERT and others. Took up challenge of production and distribution of large volumes under RIP, Bihar

An editorial policy document for publications was drafted and finalised

Online order form added to the Eklavya website.

Work started on development of Science Kit on large scale
2009 Detailed documentation of the Social Science Programme done by the inhouse team and resource persons published by SAGE. Textbook development of social science books taken up in Kerala.

Also social science textbook development in Bihar.
Specific/focused capacity development efforts taken up.

Marketing/Dissemination operations segregated as separate centre (within Bhopal) for better planning/review.

Started publications in third language - Urdu (basket now has about 15 titles)
2010     Another supply of large volumes handled for Learninng Enhancement Programme (LEP),UP.

Publications accounting shifted to Mercantile system (from Cash basis) for better integration
Library prog in 50 govt middle schools initiated over five blocks

Urban Resource Network set up in Bhopal.
2011   Development of curricular framework and textbooks in EVS and maths at primary school level started with SIERT, Udaipur for Rajasthan.

Also teacher development inputs.

Curriculum and textbook development of social sciences begins in Andhra Pradesh.
Pitara chain spreads, with number going up to 20.

Capacity building efforts intensified in 2010-11.

Chakmak 300th issue published and number of events arount it organised.
Next transition of Centre-in-Charges, Programme committees leading to reconstitution of Academic Council and Executive Council takes place. Also director and Executive Officer.