The work in middle schools is done in 2 parts.
(i) Middle School Support
(ii) Middle School SPKs

(i) Middle Schools Support
The team works in 12 middle schools in the Shahpur block. Eklavya conducted Ganit-Vigyan melas in each school to promote science and mathematics activities. In all the 12 schools, Eklavya runs libraries with around 200 books. A group of children in the school run the library. There are regular reading and writing activities are designed to do with the children by Eklavya members. The team would start doing more science, social science, art and mathematics activities in this year.

(ii) Middle School SPKs
Eklavya runs 12 middle school SPKs in 11 villages in Shahpur. The objective of the centres is to bridge the gap between children's own understanding and the school curriculum. The teachers is the centres are local youth who are given training by Eklavya. In the first year, the centres concentrated on mathematics and basic fluency. For teaching mathematics, new trajectories or contexts were designed which were motivated by experience from the field and mathematics education research. In the second year, the centres would also start work in science and social science.